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The following lists some of the important projects or highland games organised by the writer or in which he played a leading or major role.


1947 Highland Brigade Highland Games. Series in Kelvin Hall, Glasgow


1952 Wrote ”Scottish Highland Games“. Published in leather bound and tartan bound by Collins.the only book of its kind.


1962 First Indoor Highland Games. Series in Kelvin Hall,Glasgow


1963 Boy's Brigade WorldGames.1,500 competitors from all over the World.S ee Daily Express 15aug.1963.P.5


1964 American & Canadian Tour ”Wonderful World of Sport“ New York,Baltimore,Washington , Rochester, Montreal, Toronto ect.I Indoor, Highland Games.


1965 First Shrewsbury Highland Gathering. For local authority.


1966 Leeds First Highland Gathering. Ditto.

1967 First Floodlit Highland Gathering,Crystal Palace, London, International Sports Exhibition for Central Council of Physical Recreation.


1966 London/Scottish Centenary Highland Games. Wimbledon.


1967 2nd Leeds Highland Games.

1967 2nd Shrewsbury Highland Games.


1968 Swedish Tour Highland Games in conjunction with government British Week


1968-70-73etc.G otland Island Games , Sweden. Scottish Games Events at Stangaspielen


1969 Reintroduction of Aberdeen Highland Games.A.Winning,F.Copeland,J.Grant


1970 Tokyo Highland Games. Prince William and Princess Chi Chibu , Emperor“s sister as Guests of Honour.


1971 Bath & West Royal Show. Shepton Mallet.


1970 Commonwealth Highland Games, Pre-International Paraplegic Games


1971 British Week Games, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. This was a landmark event as it led to the first development of Highland Games Heavy Events in USA.


1972 Registered The World Highland Games Heavy Events Championship.


1973 World Caber Tossing Campionship in Geelong,Australia.


1974 Australian,Sydney,Canberra etc.


1975 Wrote ”Scottish Highland Games“ New hardback on history of the highland games.


1972 Jaime's Cabaret, Edinburgh. Lasted many years. Included the stones of strength.


1973 Europa cup (Track & Field ) Pre-match Highland Games .


1974 Le Tete & Les jambes. Series of caber tossing for 7 weeks in Paris on French TV.


1975 BBC.Film. THE GAMES.Lonach,Breamar,Abonye,DPW CONCEPT & TREATMENT.


1976 Queen,s Jubilee Games. Queen,s jubilee Medal awarded to DPW


1977 Dutch Highland Games with equiv. To Countryside Commission.


1978 Nazeing Highland Games.With local MP.


1979 Metro Spectacular Highland Games, Bradford.


1980Putuney Highland Games.

Dutch Highland Games, Wageningen, Vlissingen , Ceres University 100th Anniversary. Also at Pony Park, The Netherlands.


1980 World Championships in Pomona, Los Angeles.


1981 World Championships in Australia with Sir Billy Sneddon, Speaker in Parliament, Dick Hamer-Prime Minister,Victoria etc.Heavies association mooted.


1981 International gathering Highland Games,Princes St.Gardens,Edinburgh.


1982 Lamego Highland Games ,Portugal-with Council of Europe

Developed and introduced the concept of Private Highland Games for incentive travel and corporate entertainment and participation. With Travel Scotland.Have done many such projects each year since then . In 1999-2000 and 2001 with STB in Germany for further promotion of this type of activity.


1982 Inaugurated Garnock International Highland Games.


1983 WORLD SERIES INTRODUCED WITH STAGES AT GARNOCK INTERNATIONAL, KILBIRNIE,ATHOLL, GATHERING , BLAIR CASTLE AND FINALS AND FINALS AND WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS AT CARMUNNOCK.This was first of several such World Series tours where many overseas competitors had air fares paid , accommodation and good prizes.


1984 Bosch (Germany)Highland Games (3)


1985 Highland Games in Lagos,Nigeria.


1985 First Scottish Junior and Novice Championship.


1986 Canadian Games at Glengarry,Maxville and Montreal.


1984 Caledonian Club of San Francisco Games Important development of heavy events.


1985 Private Games now at numerous locations such as Glamis Castle,Culcreuch Castle, Gleneagales Hotel etc.


1985 Commonwealth Highland Games in Meadowbank during Commonwealth Games Over 800 participants. Top heavies from various countries. Major Dancing Competition for World Championship winners only etc.


1986 Royal Agricultural Show Highland Games, Stoneleigh.


1985 Burnall Highland Games , Ne Skipton..


1986 Maxville 37th Annuall Glengarry Games.


1987 Montreal Highland Games.

BY THIS TIME THE INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT WITH LEADING OVERSEAS COMPETITORS WAS NOW WELL ESTABLISHED AND HAS CONTINUED EVER SINCE. Regular annual overseas events in Fergus Ontario, Santa Rosa and Pleasanton California etc.Hereafter only other very notable events are listed.


1987 Sport en Speildag Highland Games. Leuven University,Belguim.


1988 Australian Bicentennial Highland Games on Jan 1st . Outperformed all other events including an all-time top international star entertainer.Largest 1st day crowd.


1989 Corby Highland Games ,included Royalty.


1990 Great Ecclestone Annual Show.


1989- 1995 European Championships, annual World Championships, supporting heavy events for World , European and other pipe-band Championships


1996 World Championships in Wipu, NewZealand to develop the sport there because of the historical links with Nova Scotia and Scotland .


1997 July-Aug. World Series Antigonish -Nova Scotia, Fergus-Ontario,World Championships-Edinburgh Highland Games . Callander World Games Hammer Championships -Rothiemurchas,Killin International Games (won a Scottish Tourist Board Award ). Organised a Highland Games for a USA TV film Rotary International HighlandGames. Highland Games at European & World Pipe Band Championships


1998 Most of these plus new Series of Highland Games in Germany at British Week in Hamburgh , Berlin, These are now annual events.


1999 Normal year.Support of amateur Highland Games , (eg. Gourock) numerous Professional Games in Scotland, including including World Games in Callender, World Hammer Throwing Championships in Virginia, Fergus Highland Games-Ontario,World Championships in Pleasanton. California-Caledonian Club of San Francisco Games (Two awards to DPW) Various Games in Germany with British Chamber of Commerce. Colleagues involed with Iceland,s excellent circuit. Two Private Games in Germany for scottish Tourist Board. Private Games still going on in Oct , Dec. In Oct. Had published ”Donald Dinnie . The First Sporting Superstar ” Sports history of the greatest Games champion of last century.


2000 We provided the World's first sporting event of the new millennium , and the first World Championship of the millennium . This was in New Zealand. After our opening, one of our members flew to Hamaii and tossed the caber at midnight to close the millennium several hours after he tossed the caber to open the millennium in new Zealand. Our World Series took place in Scotland and Ireland and after representing Scotland in USA,Canada, Germany and Iceland competitors from many parts of the world participated in the World Series and Grad Pix Final in Rio de Janerio,Brazil,Now three annual Highland Games in Germany-Hamburg , Berlin, Krefeld.


2001World Hammer Throwing Championships at Renfrewshire International Games Gourock,Blair Castle-Blair Atholl, Glenarm Castle , Co Antrim, World Games, Callander, Killin and Paislay. Fergus , Ontario, Pleasanton,California and now three Highland Games in Germany, Hamburgh,Berlin, and Linn Castle , Krefeld (In conjunction with British Chamber of Commerce.Private Games included two in Creiff, two Gleneagles,two Oxenfoord Castle, MavisHall and Lennoxlove House.


2000 Millennium Youth Highland Games Stirling . Assisted at meetings and promotion ,


2001 First Highland Games at Rio de Janerio,Brazil


2001 All the regular International Highland Games plus a new international event at East Kilbride for a new Museum of Country Life, And Aberdeen International ”All Champions ” Highland Games With World Record Holders in every event taking part , Highland Games in Holland 6 meters below sea level!





The lists we provide are not by any means exhaustive. We organised Highland Games as pre-match entertainment before Europa Cup Track and Field athletics, have produced events for several full scale TV programmes about Highland Games for showing in Britain and America. We have had Highland Games as part of widely shown movies with well-known films stars.

Considerable help has been given to our athletes in advising them regarding careers in obtaining appropriate work including several parts in Steven Speilbeurg movie Gladiator,, sponsorships, endorsements off-season bookings, personal appearances, publicity, public relations , etc

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